Daddy comes to Forest School


This morning O took a little time off work to join Rory and I at Forest School. Rory loved showing him our routine (which train we catch, which side of the platform to wait and which exit to use etc.) which made me realise that he really isn’t a baby at all anymore! Rory enjoyed showing the wooden train tracks, making mud soup, the tee-pee, washing hands, snack, flying his kite and knowing all of the songs. It was all incredibly sweet and O loved it. Rory and I both needed a good rest afterwards and in the afternoon headed to the park where we met up with a large group of friends. O is out tonight so I reverted back to my childhood days with a trusty jacket potato with cheese and beans. Delicious. Rory also enjoyed it, but mostly likes the skin which I’m most impressed with as it took me up until the age of 15 to actually eat the most nourishing part of the potato. This evening I used this new soothing balm on his chest and back to aid good sleep. If nothing else it smells divine. Off to enjoy a girly night…













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