Give A Thought


Happy Mother’s Day to all my beautiful mummy friends. Thank you for always inspiring me, supporting me, listening to me, laughing with me and loving me through this wonderful roller coaster of an adventure with Rorykins. I had a wonderful day, which started off with a lie in whilst O prepared a yummy brunch (hash with poached egg). I was able to enjoy a lovely long pamper whilst O took Rory out to watch more Spiderman filming from our roof terrace (check out the burning bus scene) and then a beautiful sunny walk along the promenade with my favourite boys with one of my favourite views. I’m also feeling very proud of O and his work colleagues for all of their hard work with the brilliant Every Mother Counts. Below is their ‘Give A Thought‘ campaign for Mother’s Day.

“When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, moms always say it’s the thought that counts – and they’re right.  So this Mother’s Day, instead of giving flowers or candy, we will encourage people to give something more thoughtful – a thought.

The campaign invites people to choose from over 40 thoughts (some heartfelt, some more quirky) to share with friends and family.  Each thought is accompanied by information about maternal mortality and an invitation to make a donation.”IMG_3705



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