It was a horrid rainy day but that didn’t perturb Rory’s excitement about watching the filming of Spiderman from our apartment. Initially it was the excitement of the car chase and several chasing police cars but soon enough he spotted a figure on a tow truck dressed in an interesting fashion. We explained that this was Spiderman. Rory is now in love with ‘spied man’ and so we had to watch take after take (luckily it was perfect entertainment on a horrid day). We took a short break to head to Almondine where Rory chose a macaroon as his treat and then headed to the park where we bumped into everyone we knew in the neighbourhood, who were obviously taking advantage of the break in the weather also. We had a lazy afternoon and then snuggled in with flour-less chocolate cake and watched more House of Cards whilst Rory dreamt of ‘Spied man’. We’re becoming obsessed.















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