Pizza and Pimm’s


What a difference a day makes! Not only was the sun brilliantly shining (it was shorts and sun hat weather and I was able to wear my new Toms shoes) but Rory was on much better form having slowed down for the last couple of days. We started off at the playground where we bumped into Jennifer and Saffron before heading off with Marji, Gray and Luke for a stroll and an impromptu pizza picnic – it was just too lovely out not to take advantage. After a short nap (but at least he napped) we headed to Heather and Luke’s house for a play and a Pimm’s cocktail – cheeky but yummy and the perfect day for it. Rory was exhausted by the time we got home so passed straight out at 7pm. PS I’m also incredibly proud of him for not having any milk for a week. It all happened rather organically and I don’t want to shout about it in case we regress, but so far the weaning off milk has worked!







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