Another rainy, challenging day


What is happening with this weather? It was another dark, rainy start and with consistent down pour there was no way we could even think about leaving home. Rory and I busied ourselves with jobs (him with play dough and coloring, me with laundry and cooking). He’s getting very helpful with preparing the snack, helping me chop the apple and putting it into a bowl ready for the table. Lucy and Teddy were much needed company for lunch before Annsley came and I was able to ‘escape’ for the afternoon. Rory is currently going through a little challenging stage at the moment which I’m not particularly enjoying and trying hard to be understanding and patient about. It’s so unlike him that I feel very unprepared. I think a combination of getting over last week’s illness, fighting nap times and ending up over tired, being really hungry due to all of his development and generally being a challenging two year old who is naturally testing boundaries means that he can sometimes be a tad grumpy, is showing a few little signs of aggression (the odd push and hit in the playground) and clingy. I’m hoping that with time and patience it will pass. But in the meantime I’m having lots of quiet one on one time with him, canceling more structured classes and activities as he is showing no interest and actually gets frustrated with them, getting a consistent nap/ quiet time routine (whether he sleeps or not) rather than letting him fall asleep, utterly exhausted at 3pm and then him not wanting to go to sleep until 9pm (which always means he wakes up tired) and offering lots of nourishing food (with the exception of yesterday’s diner lunch). Phew, I’ve really got my work cut out. I’m thinking I might read this book next to help. On a more lovely note, the gorgeous Lora was also without the children so we enjoyed a long overdue, mummy catch up at mine which was just what I needed as O is away and I was craving some adult conversation.








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