It’s just like England


We woke up to dark skies, thunder and lightening and torrential rain. Needless to say, Forest School was cancelled – although in a very sweet way with the below rhyme:

Rain on the green grass
Rain on the trees
Rain on the housetop
But not on me!
Unfortunately Jackie, our cleaner was coming so Rory and I had to get out of the house. We decided to be brave, get on our rain gear and go on a puddle challenge (a walk around our neighbourhood looking for puddles to jump in). Luckily for us there was a break in the rain so this activity was made nicer. We also did a few food related jobs – picking up a freshly baked baguette for supper and a warm chocolate chip cookie from Jacques Torres. Of course Rory insisted on a chocolate lollipop. We briefly met up with Marji, Gray and Luke before heading to a local toy shop to choose a rainy day little treat. I managed to find a sweet dump truck and digger in the pocket money section for $2 which did the job. He hasn’t put them down since. Just as we were leaving there was an almighty downpour. Not wanting to get soaked, and being that it was lunch time we ducked into the diner next door which was where we’d all gathered for Mia’s farewell lunch. Rory grabbed a booth and kept shouting “Mia” like she was going to appear from the back of the restaurant. I ordered grilled cheese sandwiches with french fries for both of us (it was one of those days) and we both loved it. We had no choice but to walk home in the rain as it just wouldn’t stop. On the way a local dog walker said “It’s just like England isn’t it?” which made me chuckle. After a long nap we met up with Christine, Gracie and Mason and Lucy and Teddy for a run around a wet park – they loved it and we were grateful for the fresh air. For supper we had warming and comforting cauliflower cheese, yummy (and don’t even think about judging me on the amount of white food I have consumed today) before snuggling in to watch more House of Cards.



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