Teddy time


Teddy’s Daddy, Jim, is away on business for ten whole days so we decided that Lucy and Teddy needed some company to pass the time. We got up early and Rory and I joined Lucy and Teddy on a long walk to Sandbox Village where the boys played happily for a few hours. We picked up some freshly baked bread from Almondine for lunch (perfectly ripe avocado, vegenaise, and salt on the bread with a tomato and feta salad) and then enjoyed a lovely long nap. Whilst we’d been out O had been incredibly productive (whilst watching football) as he’d made a yummy ratatouille, some turkey meatballs and done all the ironing – it’s amazing how productive you are when Rory isn’t around. In the afternoon the boys went on a long bike ride whilst I did a spot of cleaning, food shopping and reading. Later that evening Teddy and Lucy came for supper. We served the ratatouille with meatballs and pasta and they couldn’t get enough of it. They also loved the salted chocolate brownies from Baked that we served for dessert. Lucy very sweetly gave us these beautiful tulips which make the table look very Spring like. She also shared this, her new favourite cookery book by Felicity Cloake which looks brilliant. I’m attempting to make the perfect cauliflower cheese this week, so this is incredibly handy. As we were tidying away the dishes the boys were quietly playing in Rory’s room. We popped our heads around the door and found them both lying down together in the teepee reading books (I didn’t quite manage to capture the moment as as soon as they saw me they wanted to get up). So sweet.









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