Treats from London


Today could not have been more different, weather wise, to yesterday. We woke up to beautiful sunshine, so after music class we hit the park with the lovely Christine, Gracie and Mason and Jennifer and Saffron. After lunch I enjoyed a wonderful catch up with Mel in London and finally got hold of my little brother for a very long, over due exchange of news. Rory was a star, relaxing and busying himself in his teepee. We headed out in the afternoon to meet up with Lucy and Teddy who have just got home from a trip back to the UK. Not only was it a real treat to see them as Rory and I have really missed their company, but they came armed with generous gifts. I got my favourite giant chocolate buttons and a copy of River Cottage Veg Everyday (the recipe book Lucy had lent me and I loved) and Rory got some construction vehicles from Hamleys. Needless to say he was delighted with them. He literally hasn’t stopped playing with them since. We’re so lucky to have such thoughtful, generous friends in our life.







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