New toys to explore


Wow, today was the hottest day of the year so far and what a scorcher it was! We got out early and headed to the park, where of course we bumped into everyone we knew. A lovely morning was had in the sandpit. We stopped off at Almondine to get some freshly baked quiche for lunch and then Rory had an early nap before our parent and child class in the afternoon. He was a star getting the subway and was very excited to see his friends and teachers; Anna Ruth and Samantha (or ‘Mantha’ as Rory calls her). Excitingly, the classroom had developed as the children are a little older and getting more familiar with the space. There was a play kitchen and fridge stocked with food. A table with a tablecloth set with plates and cups and two babies in high chairs waiting to be fed. There was a little dolls house with lots of sweet miniature furniture as well as a bigger table (with a beautiful vase of flowers in the middle)  and big boy/ girl chairs ready for snack time. Rory got involved in bread making straight away and spent the rest of the time busily exploring all of the new things in his classroom. A super afternoon and a great way to start Spring Parent and Child class.





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