Rory’s first hair cut


The day has finally come for Rory to have his first haircut. Interestingly he didn’t want one. “No, no haircut” was uttered as we left home for Pomme. The lovely Nancy was already set up and chopping little Sophie’s hair, which Rory watched intrigued. By the time it was his turn, he was very much convinced that he did not want a hair cut. In the end I had to sit in the panda chair and he sat on my lap. As soon as Nancy raised her scissors there were major tears. I had to give Rory a big cuddle and he settled straight away for his haircut. As you can see from the photos, it wasn’t the most pleasurable experience that I’d imagined when booking. However, Nancy did do a great job. She kept the length but tided up loose ends, the lopsided look and the fringe that was getting in his eyes. Even Rory seemed pleased. She even saved lots of little curls and put them in a special bag for us as a keepsake. Afterwards we went to the newly reopened pirate park where all of the families in DUMBO had decided to head as we bumped into all of our friends. Rory can now climb some of the ladders! After a good natter amongst the grown ups and a long play with the babies, we headed over to Smorgasburg which is now up and running for the season. Since the weather was beautiful we decided to have an outdoor picnic. I had the most delicious hash brown with caramelized onions, cheese and an ‘over easy’ egg, it was seriously yummy. I love this Spring weather.
























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