A spot of Spring cleaning


The weather is so beautiful and sunny at the moment, I really think Spring has finally arrived. I love to do a big Spring clean to help prepare for the new season, but with having to look after an active toddler full time it’s not always possible. However, Rory loves to help, so I find if I do a few little jobs a day, a Spring clean is achievable and fun for both of us. This morning we emptied all of the toy boxes, sorted through them and vacuumed them to remove any dust. He loved it. He’s also enjoying preparing our morning snack – usually an apple – using this brilliant cutter. We headed out in the sunshine for a long stroll and trip to the park with Marji, Gray and Luke. Rory loved playing in the sandpit and taking turns to push Gray around in a car. He was obviously tired as he passed out at nap time and I managed to grab a rare picture of the sleeping in action. We had a chilled afternoon and evening as O had had a very busy work week. An early night meant that I got to finish my brilliant book; Gone Girl. Read it now.







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