A relaxing Thursday


Doesn’t it make such a difference when the weather is nice and you move at a slow pace?! Waking up to glorious sunshine, Rory and I left home early for a long walk to pick up yummy food bits at Sahadi’s and Union Market. We were back in plenty of time to go to the park, where we bumped into lots of friends, including Marji, Gray and Luke and Jennifer and Saffron. Rory was having so much fun running around and collecting sticks  (a Forest School influence) that he didn’t want to leave for lunch. I enjoyed an afternoon ‘off’ as Rory was looked after, so headed to One Girl Cookies where I indulged in some brand new Red Magazine. I bumped into the gorgeous Randi (without Marlowe) so had a 45 minute catch up over cupcakes. After she left, the lovely Christy came in (without Emmett) so I also had a great time catching up with her. I love that our neighbourhood is part of buzzing NYC, yet it simply an urban village where you bump into friends on every corner. A lovely day.


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