A snowy morning


Although it was freezing, Marji and I had the (insane) idea that Rory and Gray needed some fresh air as they’ve both been loving Forest School so much. We wrapped them up in snowsuits and wellies and headed outdoors. It was freezing. That didn’t seem to worry the boys who loved splashing in all of the deep puddles, looking out at the boats and the Statue of Liberty and collecting snow and throwing it in the river. After about an hour, with soaked, freezing mittens the boys started to protest (a first for both of them) so we bundled them up in their buggies and headed to One Girl Cookie for some warming tea and goodies. It turns out the cold weather makes little growing boys hungry. They had boiled eggs, yoghurt and granola with fresh fruit and carrot and blueberry muffins. Needless to say Rory had a brilliant nap. In other news, O and I have finally finished the brilliant Sopranos. Wow what a series. I have to admit I’m in some sort of mourning. What can we possibly watch next? Any recommendations are most welcome.









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