A bike ride to Baked and a baking set


We started our day off with home made granola with greek yoghurt, maple syrup and apple. We also made our own (very small) tangerine juice which was very yummy. Since it looked like a nice day we decided to go on a family bike ride along the river and up to Cobble Hill. We stopped off at Union Market where we picked up a few food provisions for lunch and supper. On the way home we decided to continue our cycle up to Red Hook and popped into Baked for a yummy peanut butter and chocolate crispy slice. When we came out it had started to snow a gentle fluttering snow, which was actually quite pretty (and harmless) to cycle in. Rory insisted that we stop off at the park before heading home for lunch (a farro and butternut squash salad with avocado and poached egg all served on fresh bread). In the afternoon we did a little food prep for tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day lunch before Grandma and Grandpa arrived in New York and came around for supper bringing lots of English goodies, including this adorable baking set for Rory.









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