Back in the forest


What a difference a week (and day) makes to the weather. This time last week it was freezing when we went to Forest School. This morning the sun was shining and there was a hint of warmth in the air. Rory continued his love of making mud soup, but this week he enjoyed tipping it all over himself when he’d finished. We made a tee-pee out of sticks, went on a nature walk where we found a worm and some daffodil’s sprouting all the while singing “Spring is coming”. Rory and Gray enjoyed holding hands for part of the way. The boys were very relieved when it was snack time and this week Rory tried the apple butter with his oat bread, which he loved (and insisted on seconds) and a little berry tea (which he wasn’t too sure about). We ended the session with songs and rhymes in a circle. Rory and Saffron equally enjoyed the subway ride home, especially the part above ground. We stopped off at Little Muenster (who were runners up in the best NYC grilled cheese competition) for a butternut squash, sage and cheese gilled sandwich with tomato soup for lunch. Afterwards we were lucky enough to catch Mel and Mia on Skype for a long overdue catch up. Rory loved it and my heart broke when Mia kept saying she was coming around to our house to see Rory. Rory had another late nap and it was a very welcome surprise when Mel phoned me to have ‘our’ chat. I miss her so much so it was lovely to hear her voice and all of her news. Met up with all my favourite girls: Christine, Marji and Lora and the children for afternoon fun by the carousel, before O got home and we all enjoyed pasta bake for family supper.













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