Jack’s wife Freda


Today was one of those days when you realise that New York is really not that big at all and how easy it is to bump into lots of people you know. Since the sun was shining and it was actually warm (so strange after yesterday’s snow storm) we decided to do a long walk. We started by strolling over Brooklyn Bridge and walking up to Soho where we stopped and went to Muji to pick up this little gift for Emmett as he’s not feeling too well. On the way out, a car tooted a few times and when we finally turned around we found that it was the Dunst family. As the lights were on red we managed to have a little chat before moving on. We popped into Paper Source where I got a few little bits for Easter crafting before heading to the park and then lunch at the yummy Jack’s wife Freda. I highly recommend for a lovely, healthy lunch. We strolled on through Nolita before bumping into Lucy, Jim and Teddy who had been on a massive bike ride and were on route home. We carried on towards Whole Foods and met up with Nick (or Nit as Rory calls him) for a quick chat before heading to Union Market to pick up supper. Just as I was selecting some delicious looking honey crisp apples, we heard someone chatting to Rory and it was Uncle Henry. We continued our shop as an extended family. With the weather being so lovely (we took our coats off) we decided to extend our walk and head to Williamsburg over the Williamsburg bridge. Rory fell asleep and O and I were able to have one of those lovely long conversations about everything and nothing. We suddenly heard our name called again and this time it was our lovely friend Allison who was out for a run. Stopped at the brilliant Brook Farm General Store where I picked up this lovely nail brush for Rorykins and then caught the ferry home. Laughing about how many people we’d bumped into in the city, we didn’t see one person in our own neighbourhood even though the parks were packed. A great day.







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