Exploring through a flutter of snow


The sunshine seems to have disappeared from NYC and this morning we woke up to a gentle flutter of snow. We had a lazy start, where Rory was engrossed with his tegu building so I wrapped a few goodies for Isabel’s new baby boy who we’re meeting at the weekend. I love this doudou’s from Petit Bateau and they do them in different designs each season. Later in the morning Rory and I went for our morning walk to the park. The actual park was locked so instead we just explored. It was cold, windy and snowy, so pretty exhausting weather. We both enjoyed a long afternoon nap. When we checked the post in the afternoon, Rory was thrilled to receive such a lovely thank you card from his friend Marlowe. We gave Marlowe this cool book which he loves and his very stylish mummy even replicated it on the postcard (check out the stamp). I also enjoyed watching a few episodes of Olive Us and quite wished to be a member of this family. Uncle Henry joined us for cosy family supper which we all always enjoy.





















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