After milk in the family bed, we got up and had breakfast and then O and Rory made some bread to go with our home made soup for lunch; Rory is quite the baker these days. Whilst the boys went on a morning adventure I tried to go to yoga but the class was cancelled so I came home and finally got my Barre 3 out of it’s cellophane wrapper and did it, gosh it was hard, but I felt good and ached straight away, which I take as a good sign. In the afternoon we headed to Williamsburg where we visited the Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory. It smelt divine and the whole concept from the factory space to the finished product is so thoughtfully and stylishly executed. We indulged in a yummy, gooey brownie between all three of us. We browsed all of the gorgeous independent boutiques before stopping off at Crif Dogs for a “New York’s No.1” hot dog. Rory loved the games table that we ate at. Caught the ferry home and took in the beautiful city with all of it’s twinkling lights. Gorgeous.

















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