The beginning of counting


After yesterday’s rainy day, it was lovely to wake up to glorious sunshine. We were supposed to be having Lucy and Teddy to ours but instead we all went for a long stroll along the river to Pier 5 park, where the boys ran around and played in cars. Lucy supplied us with homemade, still warm, raspberry muffins for snack, which were seriously delicious. Rory couldn’t get enough. Later on Rory played with his knitted numbers, which was interesting to watch. He can mimic my counting to five, but I relalise that this doesn’t actually mean anything, it’s just like how he knows the words to songs. But, what is impressive is that he is learning about numbers through everyday tasks. He likes to help me set the table which teaches him to get three of everything whilst somewhat counting, e.g., ‘mummy’s fork, daddy;s fork, Rory’s fork” etc. He’s fast learning to associate that number with a given quantity. Today we read his book and I pointed out two ladybirds. I said “There’s a little ladybird, and there’s another one”, he said “two”. I thought is was slightly fluky so did it with two squirrels and he said the same thing. So we seem to be getting a little closer to understanding quantities in real life situations.





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