A rainy day


It was so dark this morning that Rory slept in which was a nice treat given that O was away, but was short lived when I saw the rainy, foggy weather. We also had our lovely cleaner, Jackie, coming so had to leave the cosy (dry) sanctuary of home and go out in it! Luckily Marji invited us to go and play in their building’s playroom, which Rory loved as it gave him access to unlimited modes of transport. He got particularly attached to a snow truck which he continued to mention (along with Mia, Mel and Joe Joe) all day. We stopped off for our weekly slice before coming home for a well deserved rest. Unfortunately Rory had other ideas and decided not to take a nap. After several attempts to get him to sleep, I gave up. So instead I put a few drops of my soothing aromatherapy associates relaxing bath oil into a saucepan of water and let it’s calming scent fill the apartment (a trick I’ve recently read about which is much more efficient than scented candles). I lit a few candles and listened to some soothing music whilst Rory played quietly. Late afternoon there was a slither of sun, so I met with Christine, Gracie and Mason and went for a much needed sunset stroll along the river. O is home late tonight and I can’t wait to snuggle with him.







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