This morning we met up with the lovely Lucy, Jim and Teddy for a spot of brunch at Almar. They’re a smashing British family who have just moved to the area and Rory adores playing with Teddy because he has one of the most impressive transport toy collections he’s ever seen (plus a train set permanently out on a play table). The boys were brilliant whilst we nattered away and afterwards we all went on a little walk. The boys loved chasing each other, and got so exhausted that they needed a sit down, in the bushes! After a leisurely nap, we all made some fresh popcorn for snack which Rory loved. We popped out for an evening walk along the promenade (Rory loves to look at all of the traffic and construction vehicles from a view) but because it was a tad chilly, thought it would be nice to pick up some Jacques Torres hot chocolate to warm our hands. They love Rory in there, so we managed to come away with three free slices of their amazing flourless chocolate cake (three?!) which was perfect for watching the Oscars later on.



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