A final farewell


So the day has finally come. The Appleby’s are leaving NYC for an exciting new chapter in their lives in good old London. Spent a quiet morning with Rory at a deserted park thinking about how lucky I am to have shared this wonderful time with them in this amazing city. I feel like our little families have been through so many life experiences together – leaving loved ones in England for a New York adventure, landing in the same NY neighbourhood (twice, although the second time we followed them to DUMBO) getting pregnant and preparing for a baby, becoming parents and watching our babies grow up together all the while hanging out, chatting, laughing and growing as people. They even let us live with them for a week when we were evacuated (and it felt like a mini holiday). We call them our New York family and that’s exactly what they are. When they were leaving Mel said to me that you don’t get to meet someone like me very often and how fortuitous it was for them. This is exactly how we feel. Incredibly lucky. I obviously feel sad that this wonderful era has come to an end, and although the silver lining is that they are headed to London and we’ll see them whenever we visit, and may even, one day end up there together, I know that we’ll probably never live on the same street, our two babies will have grown and we’re unlikely to have this shared NYC adventure again. Needless to say I cried a lot. I feel so blessed that we’ve had these wonderful three and a half years together. We love you guys and wish you all the love and luck in the world for your next, exciting steps… counting the days until we’re back in the UK in a few weeks and until then let’s batter the hell out of Skype.







Image 7




Image 10




























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