A last supper


Only one day to go until the Appleby’s leave NYC so this morning Rory and I went around to their empty apartment (so that Rory doesn’t think it’s odd when we don’t go there any more) and then headed to Marji’s to hang out with Baby ‘Gook’ (Luke) and Gray. Afterwards we met up with Lora, Christine and the children and headed to a local diner for a yellow feast of grilled cheese sandwiches, fries and chocolate milk shakes. The babies loved it. I had my afternoon off so headed in to Soho to meet O and check out his refurbished office space, which was very impressive. We snuck off for a yummy peanut butter and chocolate cup cake at Georgetown Cupcake before I headed home. We met up with Mel and Mia at Juliana’s (Joe was delayed at work) for a final NYC pizza supper. As a goodbye gift Mel gave Mia and Rory the same little sweet monkey toy. His is called Mia and her’s is called Rory. They’re going to chat a lot on Skype and keep the babies company when they miss each other. Later Joe came round to our place to give O a drill and say goodbye to him as he’ll be at work tomorrow when they leave. It made me cry. A lot. I think tomorrow’s going to be emotional.




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