Sorting, girl’s night and a baby

girls night

I’ve been itching to do a bit of organizing in the kitchen so this morning I finally did. I sorted, cleaned and reorganized all of the pantry cupboard, my baking shelf and some of the utensils, making them easier for everyone (including Rory who enjoys setting the table) to access. In the afternoon Rory and I headed to parent and child class before rushing home so I could get ready for my girls night. Unfortunately O was held up in a meeting so Rory had to be my assistant in choosing my outfit, applying make up and blowdrying my hair. I think he actually enjoyed it. I met the girls at Colonie where we enjoyed an incredible meal and far too many bubbly drinks. Marji started having contractions and although she put on a brave face and even managed to eat half of her meal, we could all see she was struggling. It turns out this was because she was actually in labour and a few hours later she gave birth to a baby boy. What a story and what a hero!







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