A surprise day out


Since O and I have been together we have always celebrated our birthdays by planning a surprise day for each other. Today was my surprise day. Firstly, Rory helped him whip up some yummy blueberry pancakes which were delicious. After a morning walk Rory was kindly looked after by Annsley and later by Mel whilst I was whisked into the city. First stop was the Broadway show Mary Poppins. As well as enjoying singing along to old favorites that I grew up with, I couldn’t get over the stunning stage sets and the amazing choreography (Mary Poppins flew into the audience). Next was a pizza at our favorite pizzeria, Ovest (in our old neighborhood), which is possibly the best pizza in the city and this city knows pizza. After a stroll on The High Line we went to old favorite Billy’s Bakery and got a chocolate cheesecake to share. Headed to Tribeca where we went to the cinema and watched the brilliant Argo, which is possibly my favorite film of the year. Strolled home through a gentle flutter of snow and felt how lucky I am to live in this amazing city with this amazing boy. A brilliant birthday day. Thanks baby. x



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