Love notes and vehicles and diners

Image 12

Woke up this morning to find that O had finally discovered the little love note I’d hidden in one of his shoes in his suitcase and posted a photo of it on Instagram. He then sent me a note asking if I’d found mine. Great minds and all that. I hadn’t found mine as it was written on a bill, hidden in our junk drawer. I think I marginally win on the romance front. After a healthy fruit and smoothie breakfast, Rory and I headed out with Mel and Mia to the park for a good run around before eating lunch together at a local diner. In the afternoon Rory went off on a play date and I indulged in a spot of shopping. I saw these adorable indoor shoes on a little boy the other day and couldn’t resist them for Rory. I also got him this book which he loves and insists that I read repeatedly. Purchased and planted a beautiful white hyacinth as a seasonal touch; it smells divine. Hurrah, O get’s home later tonight… just in time to celebrate my birthday tomorrow.











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