A family interview


After waking up to a drizzly morning and feeling grateful for snuggling inside for music class, the sun shone and so Rory and I joined Mel, Mia, Lora, Oliver and Maeve and headed to the park where it was such a sun trap that I even took my coat off! To think that yesterday Rory and I were in the same park playing in the snow; what capricious weather we’re having. After lunch Rory and I took a car into the city to meet O at Rory’s potential nursery and have a family interview. The whole NYC preschool system can be incredibly daunting what with few places, complete over subscription for the aforementioned few places, organizing tours before the shut off date, completing written applications before cut off dates, interviews, child observations etc. etc. I’m not sure we were up for putting the family through that stress so instead we applied to one nursery (the one where Rory and I happily attend Parent and Child) and are hoping for the best. This afternoon we all met with one of the lovely teachers to have our ‘family interview’. This sounds much more formal than it actually was, which more accurately, was an open dialogue between us all about how we hope Rory’s development and education will lead on from home and continue to grow at the nursery. It was lovely for Rory that it was held in the classroom that he is now very familiar with, which makes this whole transition much more gentle for him, and it was lovely for Oli and I to have such a rich and welcoming experience of what could have been a slightly daunting event. I felt equally excited that our family are taking these next important steps (oh how quickly Rory is growing!) and very happy with the decision of the place we have chosen for that to happen. Also listening to Oli talk about our family life and our hopes of how we and the nursery can continue to grow made me very proud of our little family and very smug about marrying such an amazing man who I’ve made this family with. Exciting stuff. Fingers crossed… In the evening I was slightly blue that O had to fly off again on business, so it was a lovely surprise when the doorbell went and Mel and Mia were standing there with a few little treats. I was given a beautiful red rose and Rory was given some kit to grow tomatoes, which we can then compare with Mia on Skype when she goes home to the UK. Feeling very blessed to have such lovely people in my life.



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