Snow and supper


We started the morning with a cooked breakfast. Not only did O make yummy poached eggs, but Rory also enjoyed making his own breakfast thanks to the lovely Churcher family who got him the below play breakfast set for his birthday. The sky looked very white and heavy and it didn’t take long for a peaceful snow storm to happen. Rory and I didn’t waste any time; we wrapped up and headed out to the park. It was all pretty deserted but we enjoyed an hour exploring the snow together. We even enjoyed a snowy snack break gazing at the snow covered skyscrapers across the river. We warmed up at home with my delicious roasted pepper soup (which is fast becoming a firm favorite) but it was a little spicy for Rorykins so he stuck with scrambled eggs and veggies. In the afternoon we headed to our lovely parent and child class with the gorgeous Marji and Gray, one of the many highlights of Rory’s (and my)week. We were all slightly tired on the way home and with husband’s working late and us living in NYC and all, we decided to continue the fun by heading out for supper at Juliana’s pizza. The pizza was delicious and as always the company wonderful. Once home, I dug out a few other treats O had brought back from the UK. These lovely wire cake trivets (which gives me an excuse to make a warming cake this week) and these very cool cutters that Grandma Penny had sent back. IMG_2019













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