Our Friday started off wonderfully with a surprise phone call from Granny M. There is always something so special, reassuring and heartening to me when I hear my mummy’s voice – I hope that Rory feels the same about mine. Afterwards we bundled up and enjoyed a nature walk around the park, although cold there are so many beautiful things to be found including this pretty leaf and these wonderful berries. We dropped into see Lucy and Teddy where the boys really enjoyed playing with Teddy’s bus (made by Lucy). We all enjoyed a spot of delicious homemade banana and walnut cake with our tea (the boys had apple juice). For lunch Rory and I did our usual NY slice which he always loves. It got very cold in the afternoon so I felt some indoor activity was what was needed. I unveiled a super sticker book which Rory enjoyed peeling and I enjoyed sticking. We even did a little fine motor skill practice by using tongs to put socks into a bucket, which Rory found very tricky (we might need some child sized ones). We popped around to wish Mia a very happy birthday and had a little bit of drama when Mia locked everyone out of the apartment. Luckily I had shoes on so dashed home to get the spare key. As I got out I noticed that it was snowing and that the snow had settled in the short space of time I’d been indoors. Rory loved seeing it as we strolled home. Snuggled in and finished my latest book; Dress your family in corduroy and denim, which is sweet and funny, especially the early years. Getting excited as it’s only one more sleep until my boy gets home, yay!




















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