Blissful Thursday


Today was one of those lovely days where brilliant things keep happening to you and you can’t believe your luck. O is still away so Rory and I enjoyed a quiet start to the day with a healthy breakfast and play with the excavator. Popped in to see the gorgeous Lora and have a cuddle with baby Maeve (who Rory loves) before coming home for lunch. Thursday is my afternoon ‘off’ and as a surprise O had organized a relaxing massage for me. It was in this sweet, cosy studio with a lovely skylight decorated with fresh moss. It was so blissful and just what I needed. Afterwards I indulged in a lovely bright manicure thanks to a generous pressie from Mel as a thank you for looking after Mia. Bright red nails are just what is needed to brighten these grey days. Perused lots of lovely things at West Elm Market and purchased this which is literally my dream – chocolate, peanut butter, salt and honey – yummy. Got home and as Rory was on a play date, indulged in some Downton Abbey catch up, snuggling under our thick Welsh blanket with a warming cup of tea. The doorbell went and O had organized a couple more surprises. This amazing scarf from Steven Alan which I have been lusting after (it’s massive and seriously cuddly and it has pockets) and some beauty treats including bath oil and lip balm, which are both needed in this freezing cold weather. Rory came home with a huge hug and kiss and we were able to FaceTime with daddy before enjoying a warm bath together. Such a wonderful day which makes me so grateful for the amazing people in my life, not least my beautiful boys.







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