It snowed (for half an hour)


Brrrr, it’s turned rather cold today. When we woke up we were excited to see a little flurry of snow but by the time we’d had breakfast it had all finished and melted away. Rory was most disappointed and kept asking us for more snow. The temperature, however, stayed incredibly cold. Rory and I enjoyed a lovely, cosy music class with friends before heading to the park for a little fresh air. We didn’t last too long as our hands were so cold. It was the perfect day for snuggling so I opted for a good old New York cream cheese bagel and hot tea whilst I read Sweet Paul. I was excited to see our apartment building in it but have got very used to seeing it in ads and magazines – it is a beautiful building after all, one which I’m very proud to call home. Rory rejected having any sort of nap and when I went in found him completely out of his sleep sack, stood up looking very pleased with himself. I took it as a sign to introduce a blanket so nipped to Pomme and picked up this gorgeous organic one from beautiful Auggie. He was most pleased with it. Since he didn’t nap, we enjoyed a quiet paced afternoon, listening to music, lighting our candles and playing with favorite toys and a big cardboard box. Mel and Mia came around late afternoon, so I served a little birthday treat tea courtesy of One Girl Cookies. The babies couldn’t wait to help Mel open her gift. O came home a little earlier as he jets off home to England overnight tonight on business. Before we left he was able to join us for supper and a bath with Rory before reading his story and tucking him up in his sleep sack and new blanket. Needless to say he went straight to sleep. Safe travels beautiful boy. x





























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