A sleepover


After a busy day at the park, doing bits of DIY (O is currently working on a bedroom project with Rory’s help) and cleaning we were excited to have Mia around for a sleepover. Her and Rory enjoyed cooking in their kitchen whilst I was able to cook supper for everyone in mine. We sat down to a yummy feast where the babies did us proud. Afterwards we digested and snuggled in on the sofa whilst O read ‘Maisy Goes on a Sleepover‘. In a bid to tire them out (so we all sleep) we had a little more play time including some races. Soon enough it was bath time and as we were getting Mia ready we realized that she’d done a poo. The funniest part of the whole evening was Rory gagging and looking disgusted at it (like he never does one)! After bath it was time for massage (which the babies were very helpful with) and getting into pajamas. We all snuggled with milk and story before saying good night. As I write this it’s all quiet. Fingers are firmly crossed for a good nights sleep for everyone.















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