A morning with Mia and Les Misérables


Wow, what a busy, busy day I’ve had. I can honestly say that until this evening when O and I got to the cinema, I hadn’t sat down and stopped all day. Rory and I headed to the park early to get some fresh air as we had been holed up inside all day yesterday. We met Mel and Mia who then came back to ours as Mel had an appointment to go to. Rory and Mia played beautifully and later Marji and Gray popped in for a cuppa. At lunch time Marji and Gray headed home and I cooked Rory and Mia a spot of lunch (scrambled eggs, tomatoes, olives and cheese, followed by sliced apples) which they both ate beautifully. When Mia headed home I had to dash into the city to do a few jobs before heading home to cook supper and do bath and bedtime. Uncle Henry was sweet enough to babysit so that O and I could have a date night. We went to see Les Misérables  which I was completely blown away with. I wouldn’t so much call it a film as an experience. Loved the whole thing and can’t stop signing the whole production at regular intervals. Plus my already girl crush on Eddie Redmayne has got bigger. Go see.










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