Introducing the Potty


We’ve finally gone and got a potty for Rorykins and introduced the idea to him last night through this sweet little story. It even had a page all about Rory who likes to have a wee, a think and a story – just like my child! He was smitten. We put the new potty in the bathroom and said that Rory was free to use it for a wee wee or poo poo whenever he needed one and wanted to do it there (this is not the hardcore potty training that will eventually happen later). He loved it and after getting on and off it about ten times, insisted that he sat on it for a wee. He did one. We cheered. He cheered. Then he insisted on sitting on it again. This time he strained to get a wee out. But did so and was thoroughly pleased with himself. All very sweet.

Spent the afternoon relaxing as Rory was looked after. Went to One Girl Cookies for a hot cider and caught up on some of my favorite British magazines; Red and Living Etc. It was just what was needed.







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