Me time and Mindfulness


With a new year comes a whole new chance to tackle things that haven’t necessarily been going as you’d like them to go. For me there are a couple of things I’d like to work on. The first one is having more ‘me time’. I don’t mean this in the physical, I’m putting Rory in full time care so I can pamper myself and go shopping everyday ‘me time’, I just mean thinking about myself a little more and sometimes putting my needs first. I suppose I’m like lots of mums who often come at the bottom of their very busy to do list. I try really hard to look after those I love and in fact take great pleasure in doing so. But whereas I think nothing of cooking a whole meal for one (Rory) from scratch or looking after Rory so O can go off to work out, I won’t do the same for myself. I don’t quite know why I feel guilty doing things for myself, I certainly didn’t used to before Rory came along and I’m sensible enough to know that a ‘happy mum = a happy family’ but it’s often the case that I neglect myself. So in 2013 I’m going to think about this a little more. I’m going to let O do the breakfast once in a while so I can go for a run. I’m going to light candles, use nice bath oil and put on a face mask on like I did circa 2009 once a week. I’m going to try and go to yoga once a week and really be in the moment rather than running through the hundred things I need to do.

Which brings me to my second resolution; I want to be more mindful. I want to try really hard and be in the moment rather than always thinking about what I need to do next/ improve. I want to think about the food I eat, slow down, taste it and enjoy it and know that it was made with love. I want to look after my body more, appreciate how strong it is, that it’s given me a beautiful baby boy and that I need to be mindful of it if I want more children and to look after my family well. I want to think about where our money goes rather than mindlessly handing over a credit card, and relalise how lucky we are that we have this comfortable life. I want to slow down and appreciate what I have in this great city and make time for people; the ironing can wait. I want to be mindful of my family and friends and know and appreciate that life is good. Here and now. Mostly I want to be mindful of myself, appreciate all of me, the good and bad and be happy and at peace. So bring on 2013, this is my life NOW. I’m ready.




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