New Year’s Eve


Enjoyed a lovely end to 2012. It was a beautiful, albeit chilly day, so O, Rory and I bundled up and headed for a long walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. We stopped off at a play ground for Rory to run around before enjoying some warming soup at Hale and Hearty. It was especially nippy on the way home, so stopped off at Jacques Torres to pick up some hot chocolate and cookies for an afternoon read/ snuggle.

Since Granny M aka our live in babysitter has now gone home, O and I decided that a well planned, romantic New Year’s Eve at home was what was needed. I have to say the boy did good. We started the evening by sipping yummy cocktails before moving on to a surprise romantic meal that O cooked (Vegetable pie in heart shaped ramekins with delicious veggies) followed by some very additive Crack Pie from Momofuku Milk Bar which O had slyly picked up. Snuggled in together to watch the brilliant and sweet Moonrise Kingdom and talk about all that was wonderful this year and exciting plans for the next year. There’s no one in this whole wide world I’d rather be with and plan the future with that my boys. Thanks for a wonderful 2012 and here’s to another brilliant year together. Love you.











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