Boxing Day


So Boxing Day didn’t exactly go to plan… We started the morning by cooking our left overs in this yummy chili recipe as we were hosting friends later in the day before heading out for a very long walk along the river. We stopped off for a Hot Cider to warm us before heading to the newly opened children’s park on pier 5 which Rory loved. The weather has turned very cold, so we decided to warm up by having lunch at the lovely Iris Cafe. I went for my usual avocado on toast with two soft eggs – delicious. Got home and text our friends to say that Rory was just going for a nap and we were looking forward to seeing them soon. Feeling tired, I also dozed off. By the time I woke up I had several missed calls/messages/emails as the aforementioned friend had gone into labour and had a beautiful baby girl (earlier than expected) – all in the time we were napping! Ended up looking after their little boy for them and eating a big chili ourselves! We’re not going to forget this Boxing Day in a hurry.














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