Mini Me


This morning I did a few jobs in preparation for Granny M arriving tomorrow (yay). We have created a cosy picture corner around our TV and we finally got this lovely light after waiting for a month for it to be delivered. I think it finishes the corner nicely and is excellent to snuggle up in the Lamino sheepskin chair and read by. Rorykins is enjoying playing with his nativity nesting dolls so I’m curious to see how he’ll find Christmas this year. This afternoon we all decided to go for a long walk along the river. The weather has turned slightly cold so Rorykins and I donned our matching Woolrich Arctic Parkas (O also has the same coat but in black not navy) and we picked up a Jacques Torres peppermint hot chocolate to sip whilst we walked. O and I enjoyed watching The Girl last night, although now found Alfred Hitchcock properly creepy. Thinking of snuggling up and watching The Dark Knight Rises tonight.










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