Party Time

party 6

So today’s the day that Rory had his birthday party. After weeks of planning and preparation it all came together very nicely. The first lovely surprise was that the birthday package (paper cups, plates and napkins) that my parents had sent over six weeks ago finally arrived. On a Sunday. On the morning of the party. Talk about meant to be. We choose this sweet top for Rory to wear so everyone would clearly know how old he was! It also matched the British theme. After a mad dash of setting up (with lots of lovely friends lending a helping hand) we relaxed and enjoyed catching up with loved ones. We had an afternoon tea table with cream cheese and jam sandwiches wrapped in the Queen’s head and Union Jacks, petit fours, cupcakes to tie in with the color scheme and a large cake topped with various royal images (The Queen, The palace a corgi etc.). For the babies I did mini bottles of milk with a vegan biscuit and little nests of organic bunny biscuits. I laid out a large roll of drawing paper on the floor with crayons for little doodlers, a circus tent to snuggle up in and a red rug with wooden puzzles and cars to play with. They all worked a treat and kept the children occupied for the whole party. We served fresh ginger ale and prosecco to toast the birthday boy. The bunting was hung on the ceiling and pulled everything together nicely. Loved singing Happy Birthday to our boy and found it endearing that Rorykins didn’t know how to blow the candles out! A beautiful day with our beautiful friends that I’ll always remember.




party 1


party 2


party 3


party 4


party 7


party 9


party 10


party 13


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