Today was the first day of Advent and the first Advent calendar that Rory has been big enough to be interested in. We have this lovely one from Roost which we’ve filled with little treats for him to discover. He was very excited to open the little drawer and find a mini car. We also lit our first Sunday Advent candle as we’re going to be away on holiday tomorrow so won’t have time to do it then. In the afternoon we were lucky enough to gather with lovely friends at the Carousel which had been completely rented out for Gray Gray’s birthday. Rory loved riding on all of the different horses non stop. O and I had to take it in turns so as not to get dizzy. I loved the chocolate, salted caramel cupcakes from Baked whilst Rory preferred the pizza. The highlight was definitely the last group ride to ‘Beat it’; Gray’s current favorite song. At one point I looked out of the magnificent glass structure and could see the beautiful faces of all of our amazing children intermixed with the stunning view of the city and thought what a completely lucky girl I am for having this life. A beautiful party for a beautiful family.





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