So after thinking that we were going to get away with dull days and lots of rain, being holed up watching Downton Abbey, Sandy finally came to visit tonight. And what a scary experience it was. Rory was asleep in bed and I was getting ready to snuggle down when at 9:30pm I peeked out of the window and saw the water’s rising. A few moments later and the street lights went out. O rushed down to speak to a fire fighter who was helping people escape the water who told him that we should think about getting things together to leave. I quickly rang Mel and explained what was happening and asked if we could come over. Thank goodness I did because the next few minutes were a bit of a blur. All phone lines went down (power cuts, over use etc.) and at the same time all power went out in the building. This coupled with no lights in the street meant we were very much in the pitch black. We heard someone run and scream down the corridor to “get out now” and a policeman telling everyone that we needed to get out as the water was rising in our lobby and with all electrics and safety systems down in the basement the building was no longer safe. I used what little light we could find to pack a few essentials and roused poor Rory from sleep to strap him on to me. At that point Joe turned up with a headlight that I was incredibly grateful for! There was a real sense of calm as all of the families in our building made their way down the emergency stairs and out into the water to wade to safety. I was never more grateful that the Appleby family lived so close (yet far enough away that it was safe to stay there). Mel had thought of everything – Rory had a bed set up and milk ready. Clean bedding and towels were ready for us. Rory and Mia thought it was brilliant and I have to confess that I couldn’t think of a nicer place to be in an emergency. Love you guys.



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