A day at the farm (sort of)

So we enjoyed a leisurely start to the day with freshly baked croissants from Almondine at the park. The weather is simply glorious at the moment, chilly enough to get your flannel shirt out but sunny enough to leave the woolens at home. We popped round to the Appleby’s for lunch before all piling in the car and heading to the country to White Post Farm for a spot of pumpkin picking.

Before I go any further with this post, I’d like to say that I had no hand in choosing this location. Let me start by telling you what I was expecting; a beautiful country field with various sized pumpkins surrounded by Autumnal trees and a little Farmer’s market/ cafe where you can eat freshly picked/ baked goods like pumpkin muffins. What we got was so far removed from this that it continues to make me spontaneously giggle at regular intervals.

We should have known from the crowds of families, huge over flow car park and amusement park entrance that it was never going to be like that. It didn’t disappoint. First of all, whilst the boys went off to the loo, Rory found a puddle. A mud puddle. After taking several ‘run ups’ to it and getting soaking, muddy feet, he tripped and fell bottom first into it. I decided to let it go because we’re in the country and getting muddy is a rite of passage. We swiftly moved on to a bouncy castle train, where the children basically got stuck in the middle of it and we nearly had to crawl in to rescue them. There was a celebrity pig show where the pigs wore sunglasses and you could have your photo taken with them for $10. There was a pirate show, a talent show singing the YMCA. It was all getting a bit over whelming so we decided to get some lunch. Obviously being in the country we had a vision of some ‘farm to table food’. The food on offer here was basically a Chicago Town Deep Crust microwave pizza like I ate in the 90’s. We did mange to find some delicious fresh corn on the cob before moving on to the petting farm, where we first came across, um, a camel, then a zebra, then a kangaroo. There were some token goats and sheep, just so it didn’t look too unlike a farm.

Anyway, fun as it was, it was soon time to go. Giggling and reminiscing the whole way home, we all bundled back to the Appleby’s where Mel prepared a delicious squash tart and salad. What an amazing, memorable day!











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