Autumn’s Here

It felt like Autumn (Fall) had finally arrived in NYC today, although a beautiful day the air is decidedly chiller and crisp; the perfect day for a good old English Roast. The morning was spent preparing food including roast pork, aubergine, roast potatoes and onion in a balsamic glaze and Nigella’s Nutella Cheesecake (including baby portions) which Rory loved helping with (especially licking the spoon). In the afternoon Rory and I went to our local bookshop to listen to author Stephen Savage read from his latest book Little Tug, Rory loved it as we often spot Tug’s out of our apartment window going up and down the river. We purchased a copy which Stephen was kind enough to sign and draw a little boat in especially for Rorykins. As a bonus we won the prize at the raffle, a little wooden whistle that makes a ‘tug’ sound. We enjoyed Sunday Supper Club with the gorgeous Appleby’s where everyone ate a little too much of the roast and then over indulged on the cheesecake. Delicious.


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