A new class and a new pair of shoes

Rorykins and I were very excited to start a new parent and child class this afternoon at the nursery that O and I would love him to go to. It was such a lovely afternoon with both of us coming away happy and relaxed. The space is beautiful (basically Rory’s nursery on a bigger scale) all calm neutral colors, wooden toys, birch wood and sheepskins (yes sheepskins!). All of the children were a little nervous initially, and Rory stayed close to me and observed for a little while but perked up when the teacher started humming (he sweetly joined in) and announced it was snack time. He and his classmates all sat on low wooden stools and enjoyed some organic banana (served on a linen napkin!) and a glass of water. Rory was clearly thirsty as he gulped down three glasses. Soon it was tidy up time before sitting in a circle and singing some songs. Just gorgeous. When we got home some cool new shoes had arrived. Rory is rather liking the velcro on his new green adidas gazelle trainers.


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