Saskia’s hen do

Today a group of girls (mainly visiting from the UK) gathered to celebrate Saskia’s upcoming nuptials by having a great NYC/ Brit themed Hen Party. We explored the city on an open top tour bus (which is always fun whether you live here or not) and hopped on and off at various locations where she had to do different challenges. Highlights included going to the famous Katz Deli and reenacting the famous Meg Ryan orgasm scene from When Harry met Sally (the whole, large restaurant went quiet, applauded and rewarded her with a slice of NY cheesecake), soaking up the sun in Central Park (where she was proposed to), visiting Tiffany’s (where the engagement ring was purchased) before being picked up by a cyclist and cart and heading down to Times Square. We went to American Eagle Outfitters where if you buy something you can have your photo taken and it appears as a rather large billboard on Times Square. We finished the day by enjoying delicious cocktails on the roof of The Standard taking in the wonderful NYC view. Love this city so much.













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