It’s raining, it’s pouring

It’s may be raining and pouring outside but that doesn’t mean that Rorykins and I can’t have a fun day. We joined Marji and Gray on a little trip to Williamsburg where the boys enjoyed spending the morning at Play, exploring and playing together really well. Afterwards Marji and I indulged in a little retail therapy at one of the most wonderful baby shops I’ve been to in the city. Called Caribou Baby, it stocks everything I love, from hard to find Nature Baby onesies to Duralex glassware that we use for Rory, it was truly beautiful and it slightly made me want to have another baby! To end the morning we indulged my craving by eating at the delicious The Meatball Shop, where Rory enjoyed a slider and some vanilla ice cream with Gray. We bumped into the owner who happens to be a good friend of Marji’s and I insisted that he opens a branch in our neighborhood, yummy.






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