The Library & Bluegrass

This morning Rory and I joined Mel and Mia in a trip to our local library. The children’s section was amazing so I was completely in my element, however, Rory (who LOVES books) behaved very strangely and just took lots of books off shelves and threw them on the floor! As you can imagine I was pretty horrified. I’m putting it down to having an ‘off’ week due to the aforementioned cold, it being too near lunch and nap time and the novelty of having that many books all in one place and getting over excited. We’ll see next time we go what happens. The afternoon was spent playing with friends and water before heading out for a group Flea Food supper Under The Archway and listening to a brilliant Bluegrass band perform, Rory (being American) was enthralled and enjoyed dancing and clapping away. Delightful.

Exploring the computer at the library with Mia

Supper with friends on a gorgeous summer’s evening

Rory and Oliver




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