detox stage two

After spending the week ‘detoxing’ our apartment I’m feeling much less cluttered (both outside and inside) so think it’s the perfect timing to take this detox one step further. I’m doing a Blue Print Cleanse. I’m slightly addicted to these (not on a daily basis – that’s crazy – but more on a seasonal one) as not only are they insanely good for you (you can literally feel the goodness going into your bloodstream) but they’re also delicious, plus you feel a massive sense of achievement once you’ve finished. As a surprise ‘treat’ I’ve organized for O to do it too when he gets home tomorrow. What with all of the traveling he’s been doing, I feel like his body would appreciate it. I just hope he does too.

And we’re off

It’s important to relax when detoxing so Rory and I chilled in our dressing gowns

It continued to rain so Rory did his one of his favorite activities – emptying the bowl drawer

In other news, Rory had his own adventure today. The gorgeous Mel rang and invited Rory to join her, Mia and Mia’s Grandparents on a trip to The Transit Museum (you know how much Rory loves his transport). Since it was raining and I had lots of packing to do, it was a perfect thing for both of us. Rory had so much fun as you can see from the photos below. Thanks M. x


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