Rory’s room


Rory and I had a lovely morning with Marji, Gray, Molly and Maren at The Water Lab before having a delicious pizza picnic in the park. Last time we tried this Rory completely ignored the pizza and ate all of the fruit instead, however, today he tried it and liked it! At the weekend we finally got Rorykins the Oeuf Sparrow drawers that I’ve had my eye on for as long as I can remember and they’re lovely. Today I’ve been busy organizing his far too many clothes into them. Below are some other photos taken in his room this afternoon.

Rory has fun at The Water Lab with Maren

Rory loves the sprinkler

The new ‘dresser’ as they call it in NYC

The Rory train

A touch of home

The reading corner lamp

Little friends

Mr Fox



Roar…y lion

The reading corner… where you read books upside down!

Fox cushions on the sheepskin chair (love a fox, me)


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