A food day

After a very relaxing night’s sleep, we all got up to some homemade granola and greek yoghurt. we headed out in the car to the farmer’s market at Barryville where we proceeded to buy the entire place. Lot’s of fresh berries and salad leaves, local eggs, yoghurt and milk were purchased along with incredibly tasty local wine (after much sampling). We even stayed for a cookery demonstration. Afterwards we headed to Peck’s Market and stocked up on naughties (ingredients for s’mores) and meat for the BBQ. In the afternoon the babies played, we put on the record player, Joe baked a loaf of sourdough using his special yeast, O slept and Mel and I indulged in celebrity trashy magazine – exactly how a holiday should be. After an amazing BBQ of local, seasonal goodies, we switched off all of the lights and enjoyed watching fireflies who are truly beautiful.

Stocking up for a day of yummy eating

Helping to make the bread

Warm homemade bread (already eaten)

Listening to Fleetwood Mac

Afternoon fun


It would be rude not to have an afternoon nap here

The view from the hammock


Water fun

Having fun

Splishing and splashing


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